Hoxton Street Studios

Branding & Print Materials

Hoxton Street Studios are a photographic and video studio in the heart of Shoreditch.

We were asked to create a brand which would become recognisable around the Shoreditch area and beyond.

The bear was created after hearing a tale often whispered in the basement bars of Shoreditch, which tells the story that at the turn of the twentieth century a Victorian performing bear escaped from a touring circus. It was last seen wandering down Hoxton Street, before disappearing into the smoggy london night... The Hoxton Street Studios bear is a calling card to the return of the mysterious creature.

After creating their distinctive brand, we have created a vast range of printed materials for them. These include the usual suspects of stationery, leaflets and adverts, as well as more fun items of mugs, lanyards and gold foil business cards.

Highlights include prints of a hand drawn 'ye olde' style crest and a re-imagining of King Kong set in London with the bear replacing the aforementioned giant gorilla!